What you should know about Devops

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What you should know about Devops

The main idea of DevOps is to eliminate problems that arise in large or distributed teams. Often, no one wants to solve the problem, everyone shifts the responsibility to another. You can understand a specific developer who does not want to do someone else’s work and shifts the area of responsibility to other people. But if we look deeper into this situation, it becomes clear that the selfishness of a person will not lead to anything good, but, on the contrary, will only make the situation worse. If you deny the problem or transfer it to another person, you can get a vicious circle, but not a solution. If the boat starts to go down, then all together should try to correct the situation, not to shift the blame on each other.

Devops services

Design, implementation and support of DevOps is a very hard daily work, so it is worth seeking help from professionals. Thanks to a well-thought-out methodology it is possible to form a powerful system, which will be a reliable barrier to a variety of problems.

Thanks to devops companies services, there will be no situations where you can’t find the person responsible at any stage of system update or operation. On the contrary, this methodology provides an excellent opportunity to create a logical and consistent system, which will help to establish interaction between all participants of different processes: development, testing, implementation and operation. All actions will be included in a continuous chain. DevOps is a methodology that allows you to create a production cycle approach.

Service DevOps allows you to form an additional level of company management, which is engaged in synchronization and coordination of a large team. Of course, people in the field do not support this idea, but it provides the possibility of stable work, eliminating rubble at high load. DevOps is an interaction between programmers (Dev) and programs and testers (Ops). In other words, the programmer is completely immersed in the process of system operation, gets a holistic view of the system.

If we shift the DevOps role to a real person, then we can imagine him/her as a knowledgeable administrator, who has a great understanding of his work and can also cope with other collective roles. This person should be not only technically qualified, but also worried about the product itself, constantly checking suspicious code changes, eliminating other people’s mistakes and meticulously working even outside working hours.