The 5 best places to have spontaneous sex

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The 5 best places to have spontaneous sex

Spontaneous sex is a drive, adrenaline and, of course, the brightest orgasms! And also, it helps to refresh a long-standing relationship, to bring in their former ardor and variety. All you need to make your long-standing desires come true is a spirit of adventure, a little bit of wit, kamagra, which you can buy at and, of course, a lady who will share your preferences. Well, we will tell you where spontaneous sex will be most appropriate.


We can say that the top row at the movie theater is a classic public place for quick (and sometimes not so much) sex. Surely everyone has stories of kissing and all sorts of flirting in the seats of that very top row. And it doesn’t matter what movie is playing on the screen. Why is this place so popular? It’s dark and noisy, so there’s very little chance of being seen. Best position: If it’s oral sex, she just has to lean in. But if it’s traditional, the “cowgirl” position will work best.


Another “classic of the genre. Of course, if you want to have sex in the elevator, choose not a tiny stall of a high-rise building that is painted with felt-tip pens and where “magical” aromas are wafting. Otherwise, even Viagra won’t work in that environment. Not for her, not for you. You need something spacious and clean. The stall can be stopped between floors. And if there’s no such feature, or if you want a chance of being caught, just stop at the top floor. Best pose: missionary, but only upright: her back is against the wall, and she wraps her legs around you.

The changing booth in the store

If your girlfriend is aroused not only by you, but also by shopping, why not combine pleasant with useful? Maybe then the shopping trips will love you too? Choose a stall in the farthest corner, preferably with a closing door or a long curtain. And then – go ahead. After all, you – not much time. The best position is the same as in the elevator, or “doggy style”, but standing up.

The office desk

Quality furniture just has to be able to support the two of you. If you have your own office, then there’s nothing to explain: it’s all yours. If not, do not rush to upset: find a room free from people, preferably locked or keyed. Make sure there are no surveillance cameras. And then you can act. Best position: If there is a table, sit her down on it. If not, then ask the girl to face the wall.


Restaurant, cafe. It makes no difference if you both want sex. After all, every public place like this has a bathroom. Well, if it’s a club where almost everyone is partying on the dance floor, you can find a secluded and dark corner right in the hall. But be careful: if the guards notice this, you both will be on the street. And, most likely, without the right to return. Best pose: You stand behind her.

In such places, a stressful situation can affect an erection, so it makes sense to buy specialized drugs in advance at Such medications will help your secret desires to come true.