Modern sinks: shapes, colors and materials

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Modern sinks: shapes, colors and materials

A favorite object of designers, the sink largely determines the character of the bathroom interior. Typology, popular materials, fashionable textures and shapes are presented in our review. Interior designers have a proven trick: plan the bathroom in such a way that the first thing the eye of the person who enters will fall upon the sink and the mirror hanging above it. Modern sinks are so gorgeous that they really are worthy to become a visual highlight. Floor-standing models are monumental and worthy of comparison with a sculpture. And just like it, they require a spacious room and good visibility.

You can choose a white round vessel sink or any other type of sink, which will help you get the best solution at the best cost. If you use a trusted store, you will get great results. In this case, you can count on interesting possibilities, because the choice of the sink can completely change the design of the bathroom interior.

Overhead sinks are designed to attract attention – designers work enthusiastically to create striking examples. They give the models an asymmetric shape, complicate the surface by faceting – the facets refract the light effectively. A fashionable trend: the sink repeats the shape of a freestanding bathtub in a reduced scale. A consequence of the integration of the bathroom into the living space is the “disappearing sink” trend. Monolithic countertops with a recessed sink dissolve into the room better than anything else. They are made of stone or materials based on minerals and polymer resins – that is, composites.

Ideally, monolithic countertops are made to order according to individual measurements. Models can take on imposing sizes and fit into long, luxurious bathrooms or, conversely, can be compact, saving space. The drain, a functional detail, becomes a decorative element: instead of the usual hole there is a thin graphic line. Developers have learned how to color sinks. The material is dyed in mass or a layer of colored glaze is applied to the base. The second option is interesting, because it allows getting two-color models, different inside and outside.

To realize the fantasy of the authors help not only advanced composites, but also modified ceramics, heavy-duty ceramics with the addition of corundum. It makes it possible to create objects with the thinnest of walls and sharpest of corners. At the same time, they retain all the advantages of ceramics. And it has already been appreciated by the world’s design stars, embodying all the properties of the new material: thinness, elegance, lightness and extraordinary strength.

How to choose a bathroom sink?

The first thing you need to do is to understand what size you want the sink. This is an individual point that you need to decide when choosing a washbasin. Next, pay attention to the depth. It also makes a difference. Sinks with shallow depth have a tendency to splash water that can hurt or spoil the mood of wet clothes. Here we must of course take into account the height of the placement of the sink, in relation to his height.

Do not forget about the presence of the overflow – a very important detail that will be able to save the owner from flooding. Some models do not have it due to the peculiarities of the shape and design of the bowl. It is important to consider the location of the mixer in relation to the washbasin. This determines whether you need a hole in the washbasin. So if you decide to choose a small rectangular vessel sink or are looking for another version of the sink, you should first look for a reliable store that will provide you with quality products at an affordable price. You can find many such stores on the internet.