Effects of the drug TritTrene

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Effects of the drug TritTrene

Tritren is a blend of trenbolones in one effective steroid. In this anabolic composition contains substances such as trenbolone acetate, enantant and Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate . Each of the ethers is also effective in solo courses, allowing athletes to achieve significant results. Their mixture allows you to bring together the positive properties of each. 

 Athletes using Tritren receive a pronounced increase in musculature and an increase in strength indicators, while simultaneously burning fat and reducing cortisol content with a low hepatoxicity of the drug. 

 Tritren appeared on the sports pharmacology market relatively recently, so the drug is not as known as the esters of trenbolone alone. More about the drug https://theroids.ws/tritren-150-teragon-labs/.

 The main effect after taking is a powerful increase in muscle mass, which no other course will give. The effect of the drug on the body is tangible, and the effect is long-lasting. If the goal of the course is weight gain, then Tritren will be the best option. The course of the drug will allow, among other things, to increase strength indicators, increase libido, burn accumulated fat, and increase the level of IGF. And all this without complications for the liver and with almost complete absence of aromatization!

 However, it should be understood that such a powerful drug cannot but have side effects. Long-term use of Tritren can lead to gynecomastia, increased oily skin, rashes and acne, suppression of natural testosterone production. Some athletes report sleep problems and increased blood pressure on the Tritren cycle.

The drug is not used in women’s sports due to its high androgenic activity.

Description of TriTren effects

Acceleration of the processes of synthesis of protein compounds

All tissues in our body are made up of proteins and muscular tissues are no exception. For muscle growth, certain types of proteins must be synthesized. TriTren is able to dramatically accelerate these reactions, which has a positive effect on muscle fiber hypertrophy. 

Increases concentration of nitrogen in the organism 

Anabolic steroids trap this substance in the body and shift its balance in a positive direction. As a result, the anabolic background increases, and the catabolic, in turn, is suppressed. 

Lack of aromatization tendency

Many steroids under the influence of a special enzyme aromatase are converted into female hormones. A similar reaction occurs in the body with endogenous testosterone. In this way, the body maintains a balance between hormonal substances. The estrogenic activity of AAS can lead to some side effects, such as gynecomastia.

Increased concentration of insulin-like growth factor

IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor, is an endogenous hormonal substance synthesized in the body. It is one of the most powerful natural anabolic steroids that can affect all body systems. Thanks to it, not only muscles grow, but also connective tissues are strengthened. This is an important consideration for athletes as strong connective tissue minimizes the risk of injury.

Increase in the concentration of red cells in the blood

Red blood cells carry oxygen to all organs of the body. Acceleration of this process has a positive effect on the endurance indicator, and also accelerates the regenerative processes. It is thanks to oxygen that the reserves of ATP, glycogen and creatine phosphate are replenished , which you empty out during class in the gym.

Inhibition of hormones of the glucorticosteroid group

These substances are synthesized under the influence of psychological or physical stress. The most famous substance in this group is cortisol, which can destroy muscle tissue and activate the processes of neolipogenesis . Many novice athletes are sure that they must be fought with all their might. However, glucorticosteroids have many positive functions. TriTren is a powerful anti-catabolic agent and the concentration of glucorticosteroids in its courses is minimal.

Improves the absorption of nutrients in the digestive system

This positive property is possessed by almost all AAS used by athletes. However, tren produces the most powerful effect on the body from this point of view. Every athlete should remember that progress can only be made with a combination of properly organized training and nutrition. It is from food that the body receives all the substances necessary for the growth of muscle fibers. If you think that using steroids you can gain muscle mass by eating twice a day and rarely visiting the gym, then you are deeply mistaken. By using the Trenbolone Ester Blend in bodybuilding, you can optimize the absorption of nutrients from food.

The use of TriTren in bodybuilding – course rules

Combined weight and beginner courses

Experienced sportsmen want to get the most out of any kind of farming . To do this, they conduct combined courses, which include two or more anabolic steroids. TriTren can also be used in combination with various steroids. The only exception is nandrolone . Let’s take as an example a course of testosterone enanthate and a mixture of trenbolone esters in bodybuilding, which will allow you to gain a large amount of muscle mass of excellent quality:

  1. The weekly dosage of prolonged dough ether is 0.5 grams.
  2. TriTren is used within a week in an amount of 0.3 grams.

Do not forget about auxiliary drugs, as well as PCT after the end of the cycle. If you want to know more, go to this site https://theroids.ws/.

In conclusion of our conversation about the mixture of esters of Trenbolone in bodybuilding, it should be noted that there are possible side effects. They may well not appear, but you should remember about such a possibility:

  1. Side effects of the estrogenic type – although tren does not aromatize, the presence of progestogenic activity can cause the development of gynecomastia, retention of a large amount of fluid in the body, etc. 
  2. Androgenic side effects – These are related to the genetics of your body. Some athletes may use tren at the maximum dosage allowed and never experience androgenic side effects. For others, even a minimal amount of the drug is enough. 
  3. Suppression of the work of the pituitary arch – to one degree or another, this side effect is inherent in all AAS. However, the mixture of esters of Trenbolone in bodybuilding has a high effect on the body and therefore it is recommended to use gonadotropin even for a two-month course.