CS:GO skill development

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CS:GO skill development

Counter-Strike GO is one of the most popular eSports disciplines, with top players winning hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Unfortunately, not every guy with a computer can replicate their success. Fortunately, professional gamers Andres Heusleh and Asger Larsen were nearby to ask for advice.

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Develop all the skills

Being a strong player and being a well-rounded player are different things. Often that difference can explain winning or losing. “There are many different skills in the game, and very few gamers master them all. Communication, tactics, speed and marksmanship are basic, vital skills,” Andreas says. “It’s important to be able to work as a team,” Asger adds. – If you don’t know how to act in concert with the other players, all the skills become useless. But if you work as one mechanism, it’s a straight shot to success. And I’m not talking about clearly following a strategy. Many top teams play without one at all. It is more important to communicate well and play cohesively.

Create a good team atmosphere

Counter-Strike is a team game, and the outcome of a match depends on every member of the team. Asger has played on some of Europe’s most powerful teams – Copenhagen Wolves, SK Gaming – and believes team atmosphere is the most important factor. “You will be together almost 24/7, so it’s important to know and understand each other. You need both a savvy leader and someone who can replace him at the right moment.”

Fight the best

Once you’ve honed your skills and perfected your team play, it’s time to take the elite by storm. “There are plenty of local networks that have their own tournaments within them, but it’s better to make your way into amateur leagues,” Andreas advises.

Equipment is important

It affects gameplay, your comfort and your reaction time. A powerful computer and a good monitor are important. Asger says, “Make sure you get a monitor with a frequency of 120 Hz or higher. The motion on the screen will be smoother, and that’s important.

Final Tip

We asked Asger and Andras to answer the question, “How do you become pro?” in one sentence. “Always learn from your mistakes,” says Asger. – One day you’ll get a chance to make yourself known loudly – don’t miss it.” Andreas adds, “Be selfless, and never give up.”

If you really want to become a professional player, new opportunities will start to open up in front of you. You can earn good money as a professional gamer. Nevertheless, it is not easy to become a professional. Only if you are willing to improve your skills. You will have access to the best options and extras on the site https://csgo.net/. Use these extras to make the game more fun for yourself. This will help you get perfect results.